Having a U.S. Professional Photo ID Card Equivalency have numerous advantages whether they are used here in the United States or other parts of the world. Presenting one’s professional photo ID cards eliminate the hassles of providing certified documents and authenticated academic credentials. It eases the identification process in any daily professional activities. Presenting one’s professional ID is very convenient and eliminate the awkwardness of wordy introduction in meeting your clientele.

More importantly, with the increased awareness to emergency preparedness and to answer the need for volunteer services by professionals in time of calamity, natural disasters, or terrorism, professionals should be able to identify themselves quickly. Since most licensing boards in the United States do not include a photo of the licensee and some only issues flimsy paper pocket ID, our institution has taken the initiative to provide this service of verification, certification and issuance of U.S. Professional Photo ID Card Equivalency. We make no claim that we are associated with any US government licensing board but we do provide verification through their databases aside from the additional academic documents that we may require.

Our ID card will include your name, professional degrees and a unique identification number. Additional personal biographical data are encoded and scannable using any barcode smartphone apps. It is also sealed with security hologram.

Because of the many reasons stated above, this offer is available to all professionals here in the United States and throughout the world. Majority of businesses and government institutions will have no problem accepting this ID as a secondary form of identification if presented with a valid government issued ID or passports. 

sample id image