The State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) has officially resolved and closed Citation # 1617024 after almost a year of investigations and hearings.

California University FCE is the legitimate entity. The imposter is the California University FCE Ideal Center, aka California University Online, operating in California via the internet, and based in the Philippines.

Please beware! Note the similarity of names and do not be misled, confused or defrauded.

Please review and correct your records NOW, to avoid any mistaken, false, or libelous statements regarding the real entity, California University FCE.

Violators will be prosecuted without further notice.

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Numerous phishing scam websites and facebook pages keeps imitating and/or try to resemble our institution or our logo. Most of these websites are using derivatives of our name and some claims that our institution and theirs are one and the same. We will continue to be vigilant and update this page so that you won’t fall victim from these dubious institutions. Feel free to contact us if you know of other similar websites.

Although we have numerous branches and educational consultants all over the United States and throughout the world, our main office is in California. To limit fraud, all correspondences and transactions should be forwarded to this office alone.

Our official institution, California University FCE, can be contacted via the following for verification:


All the websites below are NOT subsidiaries or affiliates or connected with us in any way, shape, or form.


LIBEL and Copyright Infringement are CRIMES punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. California University FCE prohibits unauthorized use of contents.

The website is available only for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not transfer through other website links for display, copy or reproduce, republish frame, post, upload, distribute, transmit in any way all or part of the Material contained on this Website, unless expressly provided for on the Website or expressly authorized in writing by California University FCE.

The content of this Website, including all information such as text, graphics, images and other Material is protected by the United States and International Copyright Law. Unauthorized use of the Material violates these laws. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Paramount California University is NOT OWNED by CUFCE. It is NOT a wholly owned subsidiary of CUFCE, as claimed by some quarters.

*** Spoof Fraud Warning! ***

These telephone numbers (404)-549-4731, (248)-213-1439, (310)-205-2502, (305)-460-2287, (801)-461-6094 are fraudulently selling Fake Diplomas using the name of California University FCE.

CUFCE program does not issue any affordable or fast degrees, but only works in cooperation with affiliated or accredited Colleges, which issue Degrees. California University FCE only issues equivalency awards based upon recognized college studies. Any program issuing College degrees under CUFCE name is a Fraud. CUFCE never grants any college degrees, but only issue awards in affiliation with recognized college programs!!! CUFCE does not issue awards for ” Professional Experience without CEU or similar college enhance studies in coordination with Employer’s verification. In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education / CHEA guidelines only 30 college credits can be issued for Professional Work Experience. CUFCE never issues “Work or Life Experience only Awards” Sufficient Academic Studies after High School Graduation or GED are always required to earn an Equivalency Award from CUFCE.”

Warning! The following are not affiliated with our institution:

  • California U FCE Ideal Center Inc.
  • California University Online
  • California University
  • californiauonline
  • cufceidealcenter
  • californiauniversity education
  • SICAT College – California University FCE IDEAL Center

((( Please contact our office before placing any order for further instructions, Thanks!!! )))